Meccano Model Ships – Are You Ready?

Let your imagination set sail as you explore the real world of engineering with the Meccano Model Ships. Are you ready?

To build these model ships, are challenging, yet very satisfying. On this page, I am going to show you a few of the many designs available.








These are three of the Titanic designs that will most certainly keep you glued to your chair.

Meccano Tin Tin Unicorn Ship

Meccano War Ship

Meccano Cargo Boat

Meccano Liner

Meccano Pirate Ship





and many, many more……..

It took a Bill Gardiner, 85, three years to complete his Meccano Titanic.

And I quote:

  • “The Titanic is definitely the best one I’ve ever done”.
  • “I had all this Meccano at 85, so I thought I’d use it all up”.
  • “I think it’s great. Everyone says how good it is, I’ve been able to include lots of details like the wheelhouse, crows nest, anchors and even life boats”.
  • “It’s kept my brain working – if I try and read a book or anything I fall asleep but if I go and do some Meccano I can keep awake for hours”.
  • “It keeps my mind active and I think it’s kept Alzheimer’s at bay, definitely”.
  • “It’s amazing what you can do with Meccano”.

Bill’s love of Meccano began as a child after his father gave him a set back in 1940 – and he also instilled a love of the game in his own children. Among the hundreds of models Bill has created, recent highlights include a train, dumper truck and Ferris wheel.


What more can I say – it speaks for itself.


Happy Sailing with your Meccano Model Ships


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  1. I am interested for my husband to purchase the tintin unicorn ship. Can you give me a price on these ships? Thankyou

    1. Good day Maureen
      Please click on the heading of the ship and it will take you to a website where you will find numerous types of ships and their prices.
      Thank you for the enquiry
      Best regards

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