Junior Meccano – Be Amazed!

Junior Meccano

Build Future Engineers and be Amazed!

At what age do you start teaching your child ‘something different’?

This is a highly debatable question and the answer differs from parent to parent. Personally I think if the child can understand don’t put it in your mouth, it is time for Junior Meccano.

With supervision and assistance, you will be amazed at how fast our babies learn. It has been found that children begin to understand logic, 3 to 5 step commands, and the difference between reality and fantasy at the age of four.

However, it’s common knowledge that children under the age of 7 acquire foreign languages extremely rapidly. So why not Junior Meccano?

A lot of parents are looking for toys that will get children away from a TV screen but will actually absorb them and take their full attention. Meccano is definitely worth a look. But if you’re not familiar with the toy, or haven’t seen the recent sets then it’s worth finding out a bit more to make sure you buy the right toy. Junior Meccano definitely focuses on hand-eye co-ordination and develops fine motor skills. This is a very useful skill to develop, and one that likely suffers when children spend so much time in front of screens.

Time Needed

Meccano sets tend to have several models that can be made and with the larger sets each model can take several hours for a novice to build. There’s a lot of building time in a Meccano set. And of course once kids have mastered the techniques they can start to build their own machines. They will need help from time to time, but that’s why we are there, right?

Starter Sets

Below are some of the Junior Meccano Sets that might interest you and your child:

Meccano 5 Model Set

One roadster – five builds. Give your young car fanatic a fun and exciting model to build with the five-in-one roadster. Not just a thrilling building project, this roadster packs serious power. Once constructed, pull it back, let go and watch it take off down the open road. Set at a novice difficulty level, builders will have fun assembling then reassembling their own sports car. All the tools needed to assemble this stylish vehicle are included. For an authentic building experience, each set comes with metal nuts and bolts, as well as an easy-to-understand instruction guide. While builders piece together this s.t.e.m. kit, concepts from the fields of science, technology, engineering and math will come to life. Once built, young mechanics can use the decal sheet to customize their car with cool decals. For an exciting and educational project, drive home meccano’s roadster.

Meccano Junior 150 Piece Bucket

This nice and simple 150 piece Meccano bucket, is a great way to introduce your children or to Meccano. Young children however may need some help to build some of the suggested models. Testing yet oddly satisfying this product is great for those who love to build. Overall, potentially challenging for younger children but with guidance quite possible to navigate and complete the suggested models whilst having fun and enjoyment along the way.





Meccano Junior Toolbox Set – Insect Mania



Follow your imagination into nature as you explore the real world of engineering with the Meccano Junior Toolbox Insect Mania! Build your own Dragonfly, Cricket or Praying Mantis and more. When you’re finished creating one insect design take it apart and build another. Or make your own design, the only limit is your imagination! Your imagination just got real with Meccano!




Meccano Junior – Advanced Toolbox, 8 Model Building Set

Explore the real world of engineering with the Meccano Junior Toolbox – Advanced the Pullback Racer Car.

Build numerous different builds following the instructions or make your own design!




Meccano Junior Truckin’ Tractor Set

Now the youngest builders can discover the elements of real engineering with the Meccano Junior Truckin’ Tractor!

Help them develop their early logic and hand motor skills while having fun.

Use the easy to follow instructions to build a Truckin’ Tractor Create 4 different models, including a Tractor, A Digger, Ride-On Mower and a Mower.with a real working front loader!

So Here’s My View……..

  • Children can have fun discovering elements of real engineering with Meccano
  • Help develop hand motor skills while being creative
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions are provided so little hands can put together large connecting pieces

Once they’re done, they can display and play, rebuild another one or make their own creations!

Why would you not choose Meccano Junior and be Amazed?

All the Best



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