Educational Toys – 0 to 12 months

We all want to give our children the best start in life, therefore choosing the correct Educational Toys for our babies, is crucial. Early Childhood Development is an important brick in the foundation of our children’s future.

Below are some of the toys I thought might be beneficial for your baby and hopefully make your choice easier:

Activity Mats

Let the learning start with this cute little musical play mat. As your baby is developing depth perception and hand-eye coordination, reaching for the toys, batting and grasping them, is the perfect practice.

The arch can be moved down for playing on the tummy. Tummy time is a critical skill for babies to master. It helps your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills. This strength is needed for sitting, crawling and other development skills.

This play mat also features a light-up piano for your baby’s amusement.


Babies can stack, squeeze or teethe on these cute and colorful textured blocks. They are soft and squishy, making them perfect objects for little baby hands. Babies will be able to practice holding a block in one hand, two hands, or transferring a block from one hand to the other. As a child develops their motor skills for sitting and playing, parents will start to see their baby

attempting to hold a block in each hand, bang them together, and eventually demonstrate enough control and hand-eye coordination to stack the blocks on top of another, and build a small tower.

Stacking Cups

These cups focus on hand-eye coordination, depth perception and fine motor skills.

By playing with your baby, you can teach him or her colours and counting as you stack the cups.

Babies can watch a parent or sibling stack them up or stack them in, in proper sizing order and learn about size differences.


Reading to your newborn is a must! Your baby won’t understand your words, but hearing your voice, stimulates an interest in sounds and will help them develop their listening skills.

This little book introduces numbers, letters, colours, and shapes in a fun way. It also builds memory and vocabulary skills.

Sit-to-Stand Activity Learning Walker

This walker offers lots of tactile play activities. The toy starts off as an activity panel for floor play, and later can be used as a walker for on the go motion activated play when your child is ready to start practicing taking their first steps!

There is a speed control switch on the two back wheels of the walker. Position one is for babies just learning how to take their first steps, and when your child’s walking skills develop, it can be switched to position 2 so that the walker moves more freely.

While in learning mode, the activity panel has so much to keep little ones engaged, while introducing them to shapes, colors, animals, and number as they play. This is an interactive toy that grows with your child, helping them with both fine and gross motor skills.

Activity Tables

This toy is suitable for babies that can sit, starting to crawl and stand strong. They will enjoy

pushing all the buttons and levers and hearing different songs and sounds on the 6 play areas.

The table’s legs can be taken off easily to make a floor toy, and as your child gets older, the legs can be added back on for table play.

It features over 65 tunes, sounds and phrases while teaching colors, numbers, rhymes and shapes. This toy encourages creative play and exploration, helps develop motor skills, teaches cause and effect, all with bright colors and flashing lights, songs and playful phrases.

Jolly Jumper with Musical Play Mat

The Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser provides lots of entertainment for bouncing and giggling babies.

The exerciser conveniently hangs in doorways and allows complete freedom for babies while they develop strength, balance and coordination skills. It has a fabric saddle that provides a safe and snug fit for your little one.

For some added fun, you can add the Musical Mat too.

My Thoughts

As a grandmother, nothing gives me more joy than the happy faces of my babies enjoying the colourful and noisy toys. While they are having so much fun, they are stimulated in many different ways. What more can one ask for?

I hope this information and ideas will be helpful to you.

Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Best Regards


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