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This is but a few Meccano Construction Models available. There are so many to choose from, it’s unbelievable!

Meccano Excavator 2 in 1


Challenge the boundaries of your imagination and have fun discovering the world of real engineering with the Meccano Excavator! With its custom treads, working boom with bucket and cab that rotates 360, this Excavator is equipped to handle the most challenging construction sites!

Once you’re done, you can play with your finished excavator, or take it apart and rebuild as a bulldozer with custom treads and real working front scoop! this 2-in-1 working excavator set includes step-by-step instructions, 254 parts, plus a real wrench and hex tool set. The pieces are made of durable metal and plastic so you can rebuild again and again. Your imagination just got real with Meccano!

For ages 10 years and over.

Meccano Junior Rescue Fire Engine

Let the youngest builders have fun discovering elements of real engineering with the Meccano Junior Rescue Fire Truck! Help them develop their early logic and hand motor skills while having fun. Use the easy-to-follow instructions to build a fire truck with a real working ladder, plus LED lights and sounds. The Rescue Fire Truck set comes with 163 parts including 2 real tools to complete your builds. Explore the mechanical wonders of the world and discover the real-world mechanics as you build your Fire Engine with a real rotating ladder.

For ages 5 years and over.


Meccano Ferrari Formula 1

Construct one of the most iconic Italian sports cars to ever tear up the track! This model car kit gives young builders real tools to piece together metal nuts and bolts, creating an authentic Ferrari Grand Prix Racer! As they join the parts of this kit together, young minds are pushed to develop their understanding of concepts from science, technology, engineering, arts, and math! Features like stick-on decals, working wheels and steering give this model car the authentic look and feel of Ferrari’s classic racer.

For ages 10 years and over.


ELC Build It Starter Set

With the brilliant Build It Starter Set, your child can build their own exciting creations with chunky shapes, nuts, bolts and tools. They can invent whatever they like.

For ages 3 years and over.






Meccano – Meccasaur

The programmable T Rex robot interacts with you. Meccasaur responds to petting, answers yes/ no questions, and stomps around. Your new loyal friends guards against attacks and really roars!

For ages 10+ years.






Car Building Toy Set – Off-Road Rally, 15 Models

Use your imagination as you explore the world of real engineering with the Meccano 15 Model Off-Road Rally Set. Build 1 of the 15 vehicle models, including an ATV. Then take it apart and build a different one. After that, it’s up to you and your imagination to create a vehicle of your own design!

For ages 8+ years.





John Deere 8R Tractor

Young builders receive everything they need to recreate one of America’ s most iconic pieces of equipment the John Deere 8R Tractor! Using real tools and metal nuts and bolts, curious young builders piece together this tractor and in the process, develop an understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Once finished, young builders can proudly display their creation or use the working wheels to engage in imaginative play!

For ages 8+ years.




Meccano Robot

This Robot comes with over one thousand phrases and voice recognition to make your personal robot more like your best friend! Build, program and play with this fully-operational, 4-foot-tall robot, with life-like articulated limbs powered by 10 motors for realistic movement. Its amazing voice recognition capabilities and over a thousand pre-programmed phrases, comments and witty comebacks will have you laughing as it tells jokes and fun facts!





Train Set

Train sets are always fun no matter how you get it. If you get a full set then it translates to instant fun watching it travel along a toy track and travelling to its destination. If, like the Meccano Special Edition Train Set, you are required to build it yourself, then it only means that the fun quotient is doubled, as you can have fun creating your own train. There is nothing better than to watch your creation working well, and this is the toy to have that satisfaction.

For ages 8+ years.

10-Model Set – Motorized Truck

Real racers. Gear up for a whole new build with meccano’s 10-in-1 model rally racer. Young minds tap into their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math as they piece together this s.t.e.m. stamped building kit. With 10 different builds packed into one set, budding engineers can construct again and again. Tackle this project solo, or team up with a buddy to build together. This is an ideal starter-kit for new builders. Once complete, the rally racer comes alive with the mecca block motor. Young builders can feel pride and satisfaction as they watch their creation take off.

For ages 10+ years.

Huracan Spyder Lamborghini

Get ready to rev your engines and push the boundaries as you build your own iconic super car with the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Model Set.

For ages 10+ years.





5 Model Set – Motorcycle

Kick start your imagination as you explore the world of real engineering with the 5-in-1 Model Motorcycles Set. Construct a traditional motorcycle with a classic design. Once your ride is complete, you can take your bike out for a spin, or take it apart and build another style of motorcycle. Follow the instructions to build 1 of 5 unique motorcycles. After that it’s up to you and your imagination to create a motorcycle of your own design.


Pirate Ship

Let your imagination set sail as you explore the real world of engineering with the Meccano Pirate Ship set. Recreate one of the world’s most iconic ocean-going vessels, the 3-mast Pirate Ship and sail the seven seas with Meccano! When you’re safely back in port, put your Pirate Ship on display or reassemble it to build a vessel of your own design!

This is only a drop in the ocean. As time goes by, I will make sure to list as many as possible model sets.


Enjoy Your Meccano!

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3 thoughts on “Choose Your Meccano”

  1. Such nice toys you’ve covered. I wish I could’ve had these when my boys were little; they would have absolutely loved them! Your article even makes me want to start playing with these little things. 🙂
    Where can we find these gems? About how much do they cost? I’ll keep them in mind in case I live long enough to have grandchildren.

    1. Hello Cathy

      I will be publishing suppliers with links shortly. There are 100’s more to choose from.
      Thank you so much for the reply.


  2. As a mother of a 15year old son who recently lost his father,began to search for something to do with him as he is a very sensitive boy and do not make friends very easily. I wanted something that has nothing to do with technology. Something that me and him can do together without any interruptions. As he stays in the Free State and I only see him on school holidays. I started to Google and found a page called at first I did not realize what Meccano was, but the name fancy me so I started to read the articles on the page.

    The more I read the more interested I have become in this product. What really interested me was the fact that this product stimulate the brain and also it keeps your creativity flowing. As some of the products can even be build into several different objects. Also you can build and rebuild it again.

    I did some more research around the Meccano sets and I found that their is hundreds of different types of sets that you can buy to keep yourself and your whole family busy.

    I am so glad that I have found this webpage. I can’t wait to buy my first Meccano set so that when my son visit in December we can do this as a mother and son team effort together.

    The name “Meccano for All” definitely says it all. It’s for all ages even us mothers can do it with our children, and it’s a product that will keep one busy for hours and hours.

    I would surely recommend this for any parent who wants to spent quality time with their children and don’t know what to do together.

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